Julianna donated a bag of fresh squash and corn 
 Katie and her 
 crispy cabbage
 Abby's apples
 Steven and his 
stupendous squash
 Maggie and her 
cool cucumbers
GFYN Kids have donated their incredible homegrown veggies
GFYN  has received an abundance of produce donated by 
our wonderful Spotsylvania Farmers Market Growers
Nathan and his 
zippy zucchini
Christian and Abby of Piedmont Growers
Selina of G.Flores Produce
 Andres of 
Guillen Produce 

GFYN square foot gardener Christina donated bags of lovely homegrown tomatoes, cucumbers and basil
Abby, Shawn and the folks at Piedmont Growers
 would need their own page to showcase all the
 incredible produce they've donated to GFYN. 
Thank you for your generosity Craig and Melissa!
CJ and Angel delivered beautiful tomatoes and squash grown at the Salem Church Library gardens 
Many thanks to our GFYN Square Foot Gardeners 
 Abby's peaches
 Abby's squash
Matthew and his 
colossal cabbage
Shawn's green beans  
Thank you for your help and donations 
Julianna and Elijah spent the day helping GFYN collect produce 
Sara from the USDA donated over 90 pounds of potatoes 
Thank you for your weekly donation! 
Grow For Your Neighbor is dependent 
on the support of our community.
We're grateful to the gardening families, Spotsylvania Farm Market Vendors, volunteers, plant donors, market customers and financial supporters that have made our first two years a success
Thank you for your incredible generosity!
GFYN is indebted to the Spotsylvania Farmer's Market 
Thank you Elizabeth Borst for your amazing support!


Massaponax and Riverbend High School 
Agriculture Classes
grew and donated hundreds of incredible
 vegetable plants and herbs!

The Spotsylvania Women's Republican Club
generous cash donation

The Fredericksburg Home Depot
ordered received and helped distribute GFYN garden kits

The Spotsylvania Home Depot
 a variety of garden plants irrigation and garden 
resources for Salem Church Library Gardens

The Spotsylvania County Farmers Market
provided produce collection space 
and essential program support

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Park Seeds
 Plantation Products
an incredible variety and abundance of
vegetable and herb seeds

Stafford Printing
 200 beautiful full color 5 page SFG Guides

Green Hand Nursery
200 incredible gallon sized tomato plants

Roxbury Farm Nursery
5 flats of wonderful vegetable plants

Bonnie Plants
hundreds of lovely vegetable plants

Meadows Farm Nursery
dozens of beautiful garden plants

Thank you to all who have contributed to and volunteered for 
Grow For Your Neighbor!